We at Victory For Veterans decided to take action and begin efforts to be a different kind of organization, one in which a Veteran's entire needs would be considered.  We look at the whole person, not just a particular need. 

Our goal is to Restore Hope and Purpose

One of the ways we accomplish this is to help Veterans purchase a home with NO MONEY DOWN, including all their closing costs for a loan and up to $2,500 in repair costs - all covered! ... and educated in the home buying process as well.

Come on in and take a look ~~~



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We have partnered with Western Housing Advisors to provide education for Veterans on the home buying experience ~ all at ZERO COST to our Veterans and Military!

If we're honest, most good things begin with education or training.  You all were trained well in the service.  Now it's time to get some training on the 33 and especially before you make perhaps the most important purchase of your life... buying that home for you and your family!

The course is covered by Victory For Veterans and takes about two hours to complete.  If you're with someone, do it together.

You'll buy a better house, get a better deal and we teach you how to do all of this with ZERO of your money to start!

You will need a code to take this course for free and we need to hear directly from you.  Click here to request access.

Come on in... get your code and you're in!  What are you waiting for?

1) Get Informed

Currently available ONLY in S. California in the following counties:

San Diego, Riverside, Orange and Los Angeles



With Step One complete, you are now better educated on the buying process.

Your next step is to see what size mortgage you qualify for - which in turn tells you the size home you can best afford!

We have partnered with Western Realty Finance (NMLS#345616) to evaluate your financial position and return a pre-qualification statement.

Come on in!  This step takes only about 15 minutes or so if you have your financing information handy.


Victory For Veterans and its partner Western Housing Advisors have provided your education and your pre-qualification so you are ready to begin looking at homes.  The next and final step is to be connected to a trusted realtor in your area who can work with you to narrow down your search and then make that well written offer to get you in your home!

As advisors, and now that you have completed steps one and two, Victory For Veterans will connect with you and select a trusted realtor in your area who has experience with the kinds of home and locations you seek.

Please click on the form link to the right and provide the information so we can properly assign you to a realtor in your area.