Warriors For Life is expanding to offer this valuable time during the week for Veterans to connect and share about their lives, struggles and more from once a week to three in the hopes of operating each night of the week very soon.

If you'd like to make a DONATION to help us defray the costs of the conference bridge or other costs, please do so at the link provided.  We appreciate your help as we serve Veterans.

We created the Warriors for Life group to provide a simple Veteran to Veteran solution to an issue many of us deal with. For thousands of years, as long as war has existed, warriors come home changed. For years it was called the thousand yard stare or shell shock. Today it is referred to as PTSD. The reality is once we are out of the military we loose the camaraderie we had in the military. It is difficult to talk to people that are not like us.

Many times just being around people 'that know' words are not needed. When you combine this with loss of purpose many of us feel once we are out and just going to work each day, many can become depressed and detached.

We created Warriors for Life to provide a community of like-minded Veterans that can get each other's six. We do not provide medical support, psychiatric counseling or similar VA oriented programs. We simply meet and help each other work through it.

For obvious reasons we review and approve each member we invite to our community. We meet regularly in conference calls, on a closed and private Facebook group and in person when we can.

If you are struggling to connect, we invite you to send us a note using the button below. Remember your situation is only unique to you, many of us were where you are many years ago and fond ways through it. Sometimes it is as simple as finding a new purpose and some hope and having brothers and sisters behind you.

Make sure you explore our blog as well we regularly post on these topics.