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Victory For Veterans partners with US Veteran Jobs to provide high-end, top quality, in-demand IT Training for transitioning Veterans!

For those who’ve been involved with VFV for a while, you know our focus has been on RESTORING HOPE for those on the edge as over 22 per day take their lives; why? for lack of hope.  Did you also know that approximately 20% of suicides stem from unemployment?

HOPE sustains us!  Well, getting to a veteran right when they “transition” out of the military makes the most sense to really have an impact on restoring hope, don’t you think?

So, this new program, serviced by US Veteran Jobs, with over 20 years of IT background and training, will provide jobs for veterans WHILE they learn… Yes, you heard right.  First task, get a job in the IT field… Second task, get training underway.  Sound different – well it IS!

We, and transitioning Veterans, need your help to make this happen.

Each veteran needs a boost of $250 to start the program… This pre-IT phase is critical to get the veteran in the right position to then begin the training.

The training is a 32 month training program, closely monitored by the company and the training firm,

When you’re done reading about it from, swing back over and donate here.  US Veteran Jobs is a for-profit organization and can take your donation but you don’t get the tax credit for such a donation.  VFV is funding this first 6 months of “pre-it” so Veterans will be able to take advantage of the program to its fullest extent.

There is IT Training around the country so that part is not new… The new part is the creative way to start the IT program; involving the employer up front, training throughout the 32 months, mentoring along the way by the employer AND the training organization… These are unheard of in the industry!

We are looking to fund 1,000 veterans in this program in 2018.  Would you consider helping a veteran reach their potential in this lucrative career?

Each $250 funds ONE Veteran!

By the way, another ground-breaking part of this is that ALL OF YOUR DONATION goes directly to the program for the veteran… that’s right, 100% of the donation goes into the Apprenticeship Program.  There are very few programs where this truly occurs.

Oh, I almost forgot, a part of the program is a “Pay It Forward” program for each Veteran.  They’ll do two things to pay it forward to other veterans.  First they’ll participate in speaking to pre-transitioning veterans in the TAP locations around the country and second they’ll repay the “loan” of $500 with interest, paying $625 back when they have the means to do so.  In this way, we build in sustainability and performance feedback natively in the program.  Speaking of feedback, VFV will manage reporting of the funds and the impact of the program on each and every veteran and will report this to our social media channels so all can see the results… and judge for themselves as to the effectiveness of the program.

What to expect during the pre-IT program?

Immediately after you enroll in the program we jump into action, we do not want to waste any time, you need to get going as soon as possible.

Military to Civilian Team & Leadership Seminars: This series will focus on the differences in working on civilian teams. We will address corporate politics, interactions with peers and management, etc. this is done to give you the immersion into how you will conduct yourself to fit in.

Network Engineering Roles & Responsibilities Seminars: This series of seminars will address what type of roles Network Engineers perform.

  • The typical day in the life of a Network Engineer.
  • How business and technology are used in modern corporations; how budgets and projects are funded and executed.
  • Project Management fundamentals to prepare you to be a productive team member on the projects you will be assigned to.

Technology Seminars: This series will expose you to the critical areas of technology that you will face in the Registered Apprenticeship Program. What technologies are being used, the problems being solved, the gaps employers have, etc. This will give you a very relevant vocabulary during your interviews, which will increase your odds of getting the job.

We will cover 3-6 hours on each of the below topics. These will be taught from both a business and technical perspective. We deliver it this way so you will be exposed to the type of topics you will be learning and using in the OJT and certifications you will do over the next 32 months.

  • Evolution of Networking
  • Core Concepts: OSI, IP, Networking Devices
  • Switching: Layer2, Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Routing: Layer 3 Protocols and Routing Concepts
  • Wireless & Mobility: Components, RF Engineering, Design
  • Security: Firewalls, Intrusion Detection & Prevention, Malware, TrustSEC
  • Data Center:
    • Server Technologies- OS, Hardware, Application Design
    • Data Center Switching- NXOS, TRILL
    • Storage- Fiber Channel, FCoE, iSCSI
    • Virtualization- VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix
    • Software Defined Networking (SDN), Cisco ACI, VMware NSX
  • Cloud: Automation, Orchestration, Providers
  • Cyber Security: Definition, Best Practices

Resume Re-Write: Most Veterans have a generic military resume created through a transition office prior to exiting. These resumes will not get you to the top of the stack with IT employers. We work with you to create a version that will present your capabilities with IT, team responsibilities, management and budgeting which are things most all Veterans have after their service. We incorporate components of the Registered Apprenticeship so you get the exposure of the skills and certifications you will eventually master when they are searching for your resume.

LinkedIn & Job Search Workshops: We guide you through creating a strong online presence. The fact is that 70% of the jobs out there are not advertised. Employers are passively searching for candidates. We also present your resume to our network of employers and Veteran Organizations in an active search approach as well. We do not charge the employer like a recruiter typically would so they are open to this approach.

Interview Workshops: We cover the environments you will go through with IT interviews including:

  • General Interview– what to wear, where to sit, how to answer those tough questions like “what is the worst thing about you”. We do not waste your time telling you to wear a suit, we tell you what color, what color tie, what chair to take in the conference room, etc.
  • Phone and Video Interviews-These can be very challenging if you are not prepared. What you wear and what pictures are in the room behind you, is the dog barking or your kids playing in the background.
  • Technical Interviews-All IT interviews will have one or two interviews from people that will be your peers. They will be asking technical questions you may not know so we will help you navigate that.
  • Apprenticeship: We will teach you how to use the Registered Apprenticeship to make yourself stick out. We will prepare you to be able to talk through how it works for the employer so they see this as a positive aspect of hiring you.

Here are more details of the process:

Learn More of the IT Program from


Thank you for participating with Victory For Veterans in RESTORING HOPE among our Veterans.


Steve Durgin, Founder Victory For Veterans Foundation

EIN: 81-4174382

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