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Here at VFV we assist Veterans in need, regardless of the need, regardless of the years served and regardless of anything.  We also help one Veteran at a time; meaning we work with the Veteran on all needs to assist the Veteran to return to a balanced life.  Often a Veteran comes to us with multiple needs.  We work with that Veteran until the issues are resolved.

We also partner with other organizations to fulfill the above needs, but VFV remains the Advocate for each and every Veteran who comes our way!

VFV has launched its strategic partnership with ETAC to deliver Veteran IT Apprenticeship Program.  Check it out below.

Once you’ve seen the video, CLICK HERE for more info on this service for veterans!

Here are some examples of how we’ve helped veterans in need (names have been changed to protect identity):

  • Susan came to us behind in his utility bills and was about to be disconnected.  We paid his utility bills directly.
  • Frank came to us nearing retirement and didn’t understand how his pension worked.  We walked him through the VA pension system.
  • John emailed us about being homeless.  We connected John to a housing specialist for Veterans in his home town.
  • Janice found us and filled out our “contact us” form.  We connected and after hearing some of her story we discussed joining our weekly support group which she did.  She has found this group very helpful and it is private and confidential and non-invasive.
  • Our board of directors has helped hundreds in navigating the complex VA system, to finding housing support, job support and many struggling with PTSD/TBI and MST.