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What Makes Us Different?

One general recently said the way our heroes, our Veterans are cared for is a

national crisis and disgrace.

We at Victory For Veterans decided to take action and begin efforts to be a different kind of organization, one in which a Veterans entire needs would be considered.  We look at the whole person, not just a particular need, like housing or jobs or health.  Many, if not most Veterans, come to us with multiple needs, often not fulfilled by any one organization.  For example, needing housing to keep them off the streets (homeless) and needing help finding meaningful employment (jobs).  Few NPO’s provide both of these services.  VFV will be that resource that works tirelessly for each Veteran to bring their life back to a healthy balance, i.e. find that housing environment and job that keeps them off the street and housed for many years to come.

We also took a look at the services currently being offered by our government and nonprofits.   We know the typical nonprofit begins with an excellent service in mind but quickly finds they need to raise money to support the ongoing needs of the mission.  They are diverted from their service as a result.  VFV will remove the need for fundraising by offering 100% funding, focusing on their service, coaching along the way, partnering with other organizations and finally to build in sustainability for the long term success of the organization.

You can help by getting involved, making a donation, or joining our team.  We need many folks to make our vision a reality for our nations heroes, our Veterans!

Below you’ll find the five key differences explained by our founder, Steve Durgin.  Take a look around and we hope you’ll join us in some way!

Mission Videos

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