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A Personal Message From our Founder

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I have been working with non-profits for over two decades and have discovered a repeat issue I feel can be resolved.

When non-profit founders begin, they begin with an idea of service. Feeding the poor, clothing the homeless, freeing children from slavery, providing homes for Veterans, and many more ideas. Then along comes the reality that these “businesses” like all others don’t survive without CASH. In the business world the saying is, “Cash is King!” If you fail to maintain proper cash flow – you are OUT of business. It IS that simple.

Non-Profits are EXACTLY the same.

So, the founder is FORCED to raise money (cash) to keep his/her business going. A non-profit typically does this by asking for donations from others. They get their 501(c)3 designation from the IRS and ask you for money. And you gladly give it to them because you believe in their cause.

This time spent raising money takes away from their initial purpose, that of serving! In addition, many Founders are not even good at raising money in this way. Some are bad, some good, some excellent! But, ALL of them did not get into the business to raise money, rather to serve!

It is for this reason we enter the picture. We desire to remove their need to raise money each and every year and to enable the founder (and all the employees, volunteers, etc.) to focus on the service.

In business, as in life, when we focus on something it always improves!

Victory For Veterans Foundation believes by handling the task of fundraising these non-profits will

  • a) improve and
  • b) provide increased services to our nations Veterans!

More services done better is a great combination and one in which our Veterans are the winners!

By focusing our distribution of funds to specific non-profits, Victory For Veterans will have a dramatic affect on Veterans and will decrease suicide rates, decrease homelessness and improve the lives of our Veterans who are disabled and struggling with emotional and other issues/challenges like PTSD.

And the beauty of the design of VFV is these distributions are perpetual. They keep on year, after year, after year!

The needs of Veterans are great:

22 Million Veterans: 4 million are disabled, 1/2 million homeless and 1/2 million suffer PTSD
….22 take their own lives each day!
Collectively it is our challenge to reverse these trends and bring the right help at the right time!

We believe the improvements for each non-profit VFV impacts are beyond imagination. For when the business can focus, great results will follow! This means Veteran care will improve!

VFV will track and report on results as this is the primary measure of effectiveness.

I appreaciate each and every Veteran and also each and every non-Veteran. We do need your help in building this great Foundation into the money machine that can have a transformative impact on today’s non-profits serving Veterans.

They FOUGHT for our FREEDOM, let’s fight for theirs!

Please join Victory For Veterans by : Getting Involved – Giving – Sharing.

Thank you!

Steve Durgin
Victory For Veterans

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