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Crisis Prevention

Vets4Warriors (

National Suicide Prevention Hotline (800-273-8255)

National Sexual Assault Hotline (800-656-4673 (HOPE))

Semper Fi Fund: Providing assistance for post 9/11 veterans


Judicial Assistance

Health & Wellness

Blooming Wellness

Center Yourself Massage Therapy (Denver CO only)

Daily Hope

Doug Bolton (Veteran) “When Will The Storms Stop?”

Equine Therapy,


Mesothelioma for Veterans

Mesothelioma Center

Motorcycle Relief Project

Start Your Recovery

Suiting Warriors

Veterans Yoga Project

Veterans Path

VFV’s   Weapons Package

Jobs and Job Readiness


US Veteran Jobs provides IT Training and Job Placement Assistance and OJT opportunities.  Check them out at  They also put together an excellent apprentice program.  Learn more at:  Veteran Apprenticeship


Ever thought of working in the Heavy Construction industry?  Check out this great story about this company, Heavy Construction Academy, that can work with your VA benefits to get this training paid for:  Here is a great link to a story about them:

TRUCK DRIVING: No CDL – No Problem.   Scholarships available

SWIFT Transport (recently merged with Knight) is the largest trucking company in the USA and provides scholarships for Veterans.  If you are interested working in the trucking industry, check out below as they have a great relationship with SWIFT and can help direct you in Swift.  CASY placed 2,000 Veterans in Swift last year.


JDog Junk Removal is doing some amazing things in this industry and hopes to align with a large retailer in this space.  Check out the opportunity at JDog Franchises


Corporate America Supports You. provides job placement for Veterans.  Average job they find pays $70,000/yr and they have a 93% retention among those they place.  They placed 8,000 Military and Spouses in 2017.  Check them out!

RIT – VETERAN UPWARD BOUND (VUB)  Check out this new, exciting program to guide transitioning veterans into the civilian workplace.  Here’s the link to the program:  Veterans Upward Bound

The Veteran Directory

Veteran Owned Businesses


Buyer Education and Prequalification

A comprehensive education and qualification system is here now. Click the link below to learn more and get CASH BACK up to $11,000!

Home Buying Education Program

Housing for Combat injured Veterans

Military Warriors Support Foundation provides homes for combat injured veterans.  Check them out at Military Warriors