Good Aviation & Veterans Museum


We have taken The Good Aviation & Veterans Museum under our wing at VFV  to bring this classic, WWII Museum to the general public and to honor our Veterans and Military personnel. This was a strategic move on our part to not only preserve a great piece of Veteran history but to also grow our ability to be self-sufficient. We spend a great deal of time raising money to help the Veterans we serve but this gives us a reliable source of revenue as well. We feel it is important that our Veterans know we are willing to grow our organization regardless of the generosity of those who donate.

All are welcome to stop by the Museum in Casper, WY and see relics and feel like you're in a different time period!

Also present are MIGs and other planes of old.

The museum will also host a local Warriors For Life meeting place for those suffering from PTSD.

To find out more or to schedule a visit drop us a message below.