Get Involved

There are many ways for you to get involved and many areas where we need help. We invite you to explore the different programs in the menu above and find the area where you feel you can do the most good.

We strive to keep our costs as low as possible, this means we depend on our volunteer force in many ways. The areas where this is the most critical is when we host fundraising events. We provide the leadership and take on the ultimate responsibility to make these events go. Where we need help is getting events kicked-off. Most fundraising events depend heavily on local contacts and conversations, this is where we need the help. We need you to reach out to business and people you know and connect them to us.

The areas we are asking for this the most are with our VFVRIDE and Flowers on Every Grave initiatives. We also help volunteers will connect us with local fundraising events in their area; golf tournaments, BBQs, turkey shoots, silent auctions, etc.

In addition to the volunteer and outreach we are always looking for donations. Until there are no more suicides and all Veterans are employed, housed and healthy, we have more we could do. We always strive to stretch every dime as far as we can but we never have enough. There are always more we could help.