VFVRide1 w Eagle Black on White

We launched the VFV RIDE last year to combine all three of our goals:

  • Brotherhood
  • Community
  • Suicide Prevention

Our vision is to see rides in every state across America in 2019. These rides give young and old Veterans a chance to meet and share something. As the loud pipes go by and people wave and take notice, they are not just seeing a long line of motorcycles, they are seeing our heroes standing together. This camaraderie brings a great deal of pride to those participating as well as those spectating.

We hope the VFVRIDE will become one of our main fundraising events each year. The funds raised in these events help us grow and launch new programs as well as address the needs of the Veterans we serve.

Preventing suicide is about restoring hope and purpose, being part of events like this help to do more than raise money for our programs. They let the Veteran know we see them, they will be missed and they matter.

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OCC in New York



We need your help. To have rides in all 50 states we need people to connect us to local bike clubs, motorcycle dealers, AMVets, American Legion Riders, VFW Riders and any other motorcycle oriented groups that would be willing to help us coordinate a ride in your local area.

We will happily join in with you to get it coordinated and scheduled. If you can go further and help us reach out to the local community to find sponsors that want to help make the events a success we simply need the introductions.

We know this is work and have no issues in offering a percentage of the proceeds as a payment for the work you will do.


If you are willing to help please contact us right away as these rides can take weeks and months to coordinate. We are also willing to tag along in an already established ride if you know an organization that might be willing to donate a portion of their proceeds to help us help more Veterans.

To get started just drop us a note and we will reach out right away. There is still time left before its too cold to ride so please don’t hesitate to get involved today.

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