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10 Mar: Dallas, TX * Partnering with PedalAgainstPTSD (TBD)

25 Mar (SUNDAY): San Antonio, TX (Texas A&M San Antonio Campus)

30 JUNE… Come change your vehicle and RIDE22 with us… on Motorcycles… All over the country, join 50,000 cyclists in honor of our Vets!

22 – 28 Jul: RAGBRAI (ride across Iowa..!.. here he will earn his true name; #CrazyBillionDollarGuy)

[Hoping for a large team to take this journey for TEAM VFV… across Iowa.. We have about 10 already… Are YOU up for this challenge?]

8 Sep: Laurel, MD (Sam’s Club, 3535 Russett Green E., Laurel, MD 20724)

22 Sep: Peoria, IL (TBD)

We are grateful you are taking a look at our BIKE22 event across the USA in 22 cities!  We hope to see you on the streets and paths with us in honor of our men and women who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.

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