Sometimes in life we just need to DO SOMETHING and TAKE ACTION for others who have sacrificed their all! Folks, read this article by Terry Jenkins, Founder and CEO of ETAC, Inc., a Veteran Mentoring

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Good Warbirds Museum

Hey folks, VFV has some exciting news of an awesome WWII Museum up in Casper WY!  Check out the video and hear from the founders son, Ed Good. Thanks for sharing Ed! If you

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Cries for Help

Veterans In Need - EMERGENCIES <---- click here for their stories Just as so many respond when natural disasters hit, I am asking you to consider what is happening to and among our veterans as

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The Healer

Tonight I watched 'THE HEALER'... which is about a family of individuals who had super healing powers and it was this young mans' turn (it skips generations) to be the healer, but he refused the

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