Back to Basics – It All Starts With You

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We are living in difficult times that will be talked about for generations. Very strict financial restraints, jobs unexpectantly put on hold or terminated, loss of income and employment, services you need being unavailable because of the government shutdown, and all the extra stressors that come with life. When you put it in that context, […]



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I have an update on our Zero Down Home Buying Program! Some have told me this already exists with the VA.  The simple truth is NO, this is not accurate. Yes, can you get a loan for zero down through the VA, BUT you don’t get: High end Education from a 20+ year Mortgage AND […]

Encouragement & Hope


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At Victory For Veterans, our goal is RESTORING HOPE and reducing suicide through proactive measures such as employment, housing and health initiatives.  Our newest program, the IT Apprenticeship, has over 300 Veterans in the program, learning new IT skills and on their way to a better future.  Lack of employment accounts for over 20% of […]


IT and Wellness Clinics

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Jeff Olson in, The Slight Edge, says, “The formula for success is quite simple: Double your rate of … “ FAILURE!”   What? are you serious?   Yes, and why is that? Cuz we know when we fail we learn so much… and then success is just around the next bend… or after our next […]