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SSDI vs. VA Disability

How to Qualify for SSDI While Receiving VA Benefits by Guest Contributor, Disability Benefits Help The United States is home to around 22.8 million veterans. Of these, around 8 million receive VA benefits for a

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19-year-old kid

I just read this short writing about a true hero... I hope you read it. It is from People Power.   If this is meaningful to you would you please Follow VFV and Share this

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Great BIG Thanks!

Hello everyone! As we near the end of a great year and anticipate yet another banner year for Victory For Veterans I wanted to take just a moment to thank all who have helped make

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I realize I have maybe 5 seconds of your time… and I’ve already used that up in this opening line..! Please hang with me through this message…   I just watched “Snowden”.  A movie about

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Cries for Help

Veterans In Need - EMERGENCIES <---- click here for their stories Just as so many respond when natural disasters hit, I am asking you to consider what is happening to and among our veterans as

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Jake Jenkins speaks out

Jake Jenkins, US Navy veteran, speaks with VFV about the Veteran IT Apprenticeship. "Veterans have a difficult time transitioning from the service mentality and culture to the civilian business culture." Check out what he has

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The Healer

Tonight I watched 'THE HEALER'... which is about a family of individuals who had super healing powers and it was this young mans' turn (it skips generations) to be the healer, but he refused the

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Don’t Go It Alone

Don’t Go It Alone!   Life is a “we,” Thing Not a “Me,” Thing   As veterans we all have faced our own demons in life. We struggle with lingering memories. We wonder why we

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