HARDSHIP hurts! The following applications came to Victory For Veterans/US Veteran Jobs via our Employment IT Apprenticeship Program's HARDSHIP APPLICATION...  These tell their stories in a snapshot!  We get about 2-3 per week!  We/THEY need

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19-year-old kid

I just read this short writing about a true hero... I hope you read it. It is from People Power.   If this is meaningful to you would you please Follow VFV and Share this

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Hired Using LSG

Hopefully you either laughed at the topic (showing your age) or got excited knowing there is a secret formula for getting hired into the career of your choice! Most folks wonder what this is all

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I realize I have maybe 5 seconds of your time… and I’ve already used that up in this opening line..! Please hang with me through this message…   I just watched “Snowden”.  A movie about

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VITA – Bucky

VFV's VITA Fund - Fourth Recipient Name: Bucky Date: November 15, 2017  I transitioned out of the military a few years ago and went to obtain an Associate's degree. Finally found a job at a well-known

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VITA – Alexander

VFV's VITA Fund - Third Recipient Name: Alexander Date: November 15, 2017  My name is Alex. On September 6th, 2011 I joined the United States Army as MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) 91A - M1 Abrams Tank

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