AMVETS Heal Program

ATTENTION Veterans: Amvets has a comprehensive program for all wishing to connect and heal from past challenges. Check out their services at  OR dial 833-838-4325

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Eat Healthy

How to change your ways for the better and live longer and more healthy: A friend of mine told me of her father who lost his wife (her mother) and was determined to not end

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Traumatic Brain Injury

by Guest Author: Victoria Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in the military is different than Traumatic Brain Injury with civilians in some key ways. While both can cause similar physiological damage, and can produce identical signs

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Happy New Year to you all! The month of January is EMPLOYMENT month at VFV! Why Employment? We feel Employment is key to: a) reduction in suicides, b) generally more healthy individual, c) even health

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I realize I have maybe 5 seconds of your time… and I’ve already used that up in this opening line..! Please hang with me through this message…   I just watched “Snowden”.  A movie about

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Cries for Help

Veterans In Need - EMERGENCIES <---- click here for their stories Just as so many respond when natural disasters hit, I am asking you to consider what is happening to and among our veterans as

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VITA – Bucky

VFV's VITA Fund - Fourth Recipient Name: Bucky Date: November 15, 2017  I transitioned out of the military a few years ago and went to obtain an Associate's degree. Finally found a job at a well-known

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