AMVETS Heal Program

ATTENTION Veterans: Amvets has a comprehensive program for all wishing to connect and heal from past challenges. Check out their services at  OR dial 833-838-4325

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Eat Healthy

How to change your ways for the better and live longer and more healthy: A friend of mine told me of her father who lost his wife (her mother) and was determined to not end

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Narrative Therapy

The narrative approach to psychotherapy involves deconstructing and picking apart maladaptive and punitive constructions about self, constructions that aren’t historically accurate in an objective sense, and re-conceptualizing them in ways that present that self

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The Healer

Tonight I watched 'THE HEALER'... which is about a family of individuals who had super healing powers and it was this young mans' turn (it skips generations) to be the healer, but he refused the

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Don’t Go It Alone

Don’t Go It Alone!   Life is a “we,” Thing Not a “Me,” Thing   As veterans we all have faced our own demons in life. We struggle with lingering memories. We wonder why we

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