We at Victory For Veterans decided to take action and begin efforts to be a different kind of organization, one in which a Veteran's entire needs would be considered.  We look at the whole person, not just a particular need. 

The goal is to Restore Hope and Purpose. Veterans are dangerously vulnerable to depression and suicide for a lot of reasons. Some have issues with PTSD, TBI and other scars of combat, but all generally struggle with integrating back into the non-military world.

Our Warriors For Life program, running almost nightly, serves a need in the community to provide support.  This support can be anonymous or known ~ it's up to each Veteran.  See below for more details.

The focus of everything we do is around BROTHERHOOD - COMMUNITY - SUICIDE PREVENTION.

Warriors For Life

We host a nationwide support group. We began this as a group for those that suffer with PTSD, TBI and MST. However, it has grown into a place where we can just come together and talk.

We do not advertise this as traditional PTSD counseling. Instead, it is simply a place where Veterans talk to Veterans. Sometimes being around others that have 'been there, done that' is all you need.

If you are struggling to connect with people we encourage you to reach out and join the family.


We co-host motorcycle rides all across the United States with local Veteran organizations such as AMVETS, American Legion Riders and the VFW as well as local clubs and dealers.

It is a great way to combine community and service - all proceeds help us deliver services to Restore Hope and Purpose.

We are hoping to host rides in all 50 states. If you belong to a group that would be willing to host a local event to help us help them contact us today.

Visit the VFVRIDE page below to find upcoming rides, donate or help us sponsor one in your area.

Good Aviation & Veterans Museum

Victory For Veterans has taken GAVM under our wing to provide a unique piece of history and a central place to rally. GAVM is one of the ways we operate differently from other non-profits - the museum has the capability of generating revenue that helps to fund our other programs.

We are planning to launch an annual air show and other services from our new hanger. The museum hosts several planes including a MIG fighter jet and a collection of memorabilia. This will make for a great place to stop and visit on your family vacation.


Flowers on Every Grave

We have partnered with Memorial Day Flower Foundation and have coordinated events in multiple states to put a flower on every grave. We don't know them all, but we owe them all.

This is a wonderful way to pass along the stories and respect of our heroes to new generations - get involved in the next one as a family.

Our goal is to do one in every state so reach out to host one in your local area.

Memorial Day 2018 - Batch #2-37

Help Us Help Them

Getting involved is not as hard as you may think. We strive to reach a balance between being self-sustained and rasing donations from individuals and companies. We believe in 'skin-in-the-game' and always look for the Veterans to do their part. We do this because we are here to help and charity alone can work against that. We create ways to restore Hope and Purpose, but ultimately this comes down to creating opportunities for the Veteran to help themselves.

All monies that we receive help us help others. Some services we provide such as the IT training would normally cost the Veterans thousands of dollars and we charge them less than $100. We can do this because of people like you getting involved. But, it is not always about giving money, you can also give your time and advice.